Our History

Full Circle Treatment Center is a true grass roots effort; literally born in a community living room, in response to a very personal tragedy. Five years ago a teenager in our community came to his family and confessed a serious drug problem. His parents immediately began to search for resources and found themselves confused and frustrated by the lack of services available. They were able to find a treatment facility in a neighboring city and during the period of time that this young man was serious about his sobriety he revealed to his parents the extent of the drug problem that existed in our Placer County high schools. Despite the best efforts of this family, three weeks after his 18th birthday, this boy committed armed robbery, a testament to the lengths a drug addict will go to get more money to get more drugs. This boy who was raised in a two parent home, with no exposure to guns, violence or gang activity is serving a 13 year sentence in Folsom State Prison.

Needless to say, this event shook the community and a grass roots effort was born to address the drug problem that was exposed. Through that effort a group of parents decided to expand the Parent Project® program that was offered through the Roseville Police Department in an attempt to educate parents and raise community awareness throughout Placer County. After working with countless families that participated in the Parent Project® classes over a five year period, helping them to identify a teen substance abuse issue in their home, we found ourselves continuously frustrated by the lack of resources to help these families avert tragedy.

The journey began in March of 2007 when four professional women joined forces to create Full Circle.  We spent more than a year developing curriculum and processes based on ___. We received assistance from the California Hispanic Commission with setting up a non-profit corporation, building a board of caring community members (most still sit on the board today), and in December of that year we reached out to our friends and family for financial support in order to open our doors in 2008. With the support of community leaders, law enforcement, local schools, mental health professionals, Placer County Health and Human Services and our family and friends, we opened in August 2008.

More than 140 families have received services at Full Circle, 12 teens have successfully completed the full year program.  Currently there are 21 teens in the intensive program and 7 are currently in aftercare serving as mentors to the teens in intensive treatment and continuing to work on their own sobriety. One young man contributed our slogan “We’re All in This Together”; another has established a “clean and sober” club at his high school campus. Lives have been changed and families have found help, support and tools to reinforce the positive choices their teens are now making. Parent Project® continues to flourish in Placer County. This school year over 116 parents and 35 teens have completed the course. Many of the “Parent Project Teen” participants have returned as mentors. We are eternally grateful to all who are part of the “Full Circle” represented by the child, the family and the community.


Ryan’s Story

Ryan Crandell, Folsom State Prison