• The Partnership for a Drug-Free America
    Up-to-date, research-based educational information, educational campaigns and programs to reduce illicit drug use.
  • National Family Partnership
    Sponsor of Red Ribbon Week
  • Mothers Against Drunk Driving
    An organization devoted to preventing drunk driving and its social causes.
  • Sober Recovery
    Thousands of alcoholism and addiction resources.
  • Right Decisions – Right Now
    Programs, materials and resources targeting underage smoking.
  • Beyond Zero Tolerance
    A reality based approach to teens, drugs and drug education.
  • Silent Treatment
    A wide range of resources and links, the latest research on addiction and treatment along with personal stories.
  • Drug Screening
    This site offers a self-test to assess if you have a drug problem.
  • Healthy Genius
    Information on what substance abuse is, early detection and treatment
  • Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs
    California Government youth page on teen drinking, alco-pops and drug programs.