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What Teens Want Parents To Know

Information provided by the Coalition for Placer Youth


You clearly don’t want your teens involved with drugs and alcohol. But have you talked with them about it? Or are you just hoping you’re both on the same page?

What Teens Want Parents To Know:

These are real testimonials collected by the Coalition for Placer Youth:

  • “Many good students who are active with school activities often are into drinking and drugs. They have a huge influence on others because of their reputation.”
  • “Lots of kids smoke weed and get straight A’s. Parents think as long as they get good grades they are fine. There have been top students who both sell and use.”
  • “Four shots of hard liquor is for the light weights and a whole bottle for the more experienced drinkers.”
  • “7th grade is the first time I saw friends using drugs and alcohol at school. 6th and 7th graders begin to use alcohol (happens at parties and sleepovers).”
  • “There is an attitude that taking non-prescribed prescription drugs is OK.”

Talk With Your Teen:

Believing that your teen would never engage in alcohol and drug behaviors is a risky belief. Brain research shows that teens are primed to take risks, including experimenting with drugs and alcohol.

Talk with your teen today about the dangers of alcohol and drugs. If you think they aren’t listening, think again.

Research shows that parents can be extremely influential. Teens identify parents as the number one influence in their lives and research shows that children who learn about drug risks from their parents are 50 percent less likely to use alcohol.

- Coalition for Placer Youth

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