Full Circle Treatment Center



This has been the most difficult as well as the most rewarding year of my life.  At one point, I found myself in the depths of hopelessness and despair over my son’s substance abuse problems.  I am grateful for the Full Circle program and staff whose efforts not only saved the life of my son but also my sanity as well as the soul of our family.  Without Full Circle’s intervention, we would have been trapped in our same old dysfunctional patterns.

Our son’s substance abuse problems provided the entire family an opportunity to lay aside our egos and do the hard, inner work of learning healthier, more productive ways of interacting.  The experiences of this past year have truly unified us as a family.  Our love, understanding, and compassion for one another have been strengthened.  The work we have done through the encouragement of Full Circle helped us learn skills that not only make us better parents but also better human beings.

Dr. Chanter has been with us every step of the way, helping us to help our son.  She has been a god-send of hope and encouragement as we embarked upon each intervention which started at Full Circle then proceeded to inpatient at wilderness and finally to a young adult transition program.  I have faith that all will turn out well for both my son and my family and will be forever grateful to God for the light and hope the efforts of those at Full Circle brought back into my life.  I feel  I have come full circle myself in that,  I, through these experiences, have regained a passion for life and desire to learn what I can that I may assist others in this most noble work of helping teens and their families deal with the difficulties of substance abuse.

The process we have been through and continue to go through has been really hard work, truly a labor of love, so thank you.

- Debra Waterhouse-Johnson

My name is Elle and at seventeen I have discovered I am an alcoholic and addict. I came to Full Circle Treatment Center on April 19th, 2010 and I’ve been there since. Before I was there I had been locked up in Juvenile Hall and I am still on probation today. I‘ve had a lot of experience using drugs and alcohol and I think I’ve also had enough to find out what the feeling is and what that life is like. But since I’ve been at Full Circle I’ve found a lot more and some of the things I’ve found out there, I have been searching for the  whole time I was using. I’ve learned how to be a friend and I’ve learned how to be a good daughter and sister. I have been given tools that will help me my entire life and experience life sober…and even sometimes having fun sober. I’ve learned that I don’t need drugs and alcohol to live life or have good times, which without help impossible for me to see alone. Full Circle plays a tremendous part of my recovery and I’ve even started going to AA meetings that have helped me find out who I am. Being so young and influenced by bad crowds, media, and well the first feeling of getting high or drunk, I’ve used to believe my life was over, at seventeen!

Full Circle and AA have both shown me; well they have completely educated me and opened my eyes to the truth. I am the problem and drugs and alcohol blinded me to noticing that. It was just as bad as a foggy drive on a dark night; I’d even like to believe it could have been worse.

Today my thoughts about life are completely different; Thoughts about you, thoughts about me and thoughts about sobriety. Sobriety is not the end of my life (as in one point of my life I truly believed was) but it is the beginning of a new one. To become a new person and forget that I know everything and to see everything with eyes like a baby. I may never know everything but today that is okay because I’m sober when one time I never thought I would be here today and now, I’m not surviving but I’m living and that is a miracle.

I am very grateful to say I have a father that never gave up, a sister that’s been my best friend since and is also living sober today and people in Full Circle who have helped guide me to becoming a new person and the people in AA for putting my hand in my Higher Powers hand that I choose today to call God, and thankfully I’ve found One that has a whole lot more power than me to turn to for help and guidance.

The result of me going through rehab and meetings has actually really worked and the impossible has become possible and I hope and plan on continuing this journey. Thanks for listening.



Thank you seems so small and inadequate for all that you have given us. Full Circle Treatment Center and parent Project have reunited our family, saved our son, and supported us in finding peace while letting go to allow Mark to find his way to a clean and sober life. You have guided us through a long journey with much more of the trip still ahead. We thank you and I count each of you among my life’s greatest blessings.  Love, Michelle B.